WATCH: World-Famous Dunker Soars Over Two Motorcycles on 'The Dunk King'

Watch this 6-foot-3 dunk artist sky for a wild between-the-legs slam on the new TV show, 'The Dunk King.'

World-Famous Dunker Soars Over Two Motorcycles on 'The Dunk King'

Russell Westbrook, one of the most athletic point guards in the NBA, has a 36.5-inch vertical leap. That's pretty high for a 6-foot-3 guard. Though Derrick Rose has lost some athleticism because of multiple knee injuries, the 6-foot-3 Chicago Bulls guard registered a 37-inch vertical leap when he came into the league.

So who would've thought a 59-inch vertical leap was even possible?

Dunker Kadour Ziani holds the world record for the highest vertical jump, reportedly posting a jump of 60 inches. Guy Dupuy, a 6-foot-3 contestant on the new TV show, The Dunk King, came very close to that record leap.

During the show's first episode on Monday night, Dupuy showed off his 59-inch vertical jump by leaping over two motorcycles and throwing down a between-the-legs slam. The motorcycles were placed sideways a few feet from the rim, giving Dupuy enough room to take the ball from an assistant who was holding it while sitting on the motorcycle.

Dupuy has won over 1,500 dunk contests around the world. With dunks like this one, he might win the one on the new show.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock