When a College Coach Visits You

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If a college coach visits my high school, can I talk to him?

Not if it's an evaluation period. The NCAA defines an evaluation period as a stage during the recruiting process when a coach can visit your high school to assess your skills by watching you practice and/or compete; he cannot talk to you, though. Communication can occur only during the contact period, when a coach is allowed to make in-person, on- and off-campus, visits with you and your parents, swing by your school to scope out your game, and write and call.

It's a Date

Ink these key Division I contact and evaluation dates on your cal so you're ready when the occasion arises.

Contact period*:
Nov. 29, 2009–Jan. 30, 2010

Evaluation periods*:
[evaluation days are determined, during these months, at the college's discretion]
April 15–May 31, 2010

Men's Basketball
Contact periods*:
Sept. 9–Oct. 5, 2009
March 16–22, 2010
April 8–21, 2010

Evaluation periods*:
Oct. 6, 2009–March 31, 2010
July 6–15, 2010
July 22–31, 2010

Women's Basketball
Contact periods*:
Sept. 16–Oct. 6, 2009
March 1–April 1, 2010

Evaluation periods*:
Oct. 7, 2009–Feb. 28, 2010
April 16–20, 2010
July 6–15, 2010
July 22–31, 2010

Women's Volleyball
Contact periods*:
Aug. 1–Dec. 6, 2009
Jan. 1–July 31, 2010

Evaluation period*:
Permitted on the Sunday following the D-I Women's Championship Game and must occur within a 100-mile radius of the championship site

*Check ncaa.org for noted sport- and division-specific contact and evaluation exceptions.

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