Why Tim Tebow Could Be Successful With His Potential Coaching Career

Tim Tebow could one day find himself on the sidelines, coaching an NFL team.

Tim Tebow's chances of making an NFL comeback are slim. Now 28, he hasn't played in an NFL regular season game since 2012. But in the future, he could be on the field in another capacity.

In an interview with Ralph D. Russo of The Associated Press, Tebow, currently an analyst for ESPN's SEC Network, said he wouldn't rule out becoming a coach in the future.

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"I love what coaching is," Tebow said. "I love the fact that coaching is teaching and it's helping and it's mentoring and it's loving and it's being a father figure."

Tebow has the attributes required to be a good coach. During his football career, he has always shown the ability to be a leader. Prime example: He led the Denver Broncos to a 2012 playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, throwing an 80-yard touchdown to wide receiver Demaryius Thomas in overtime.

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"No one is going to make you great," Tebow told STACK. "You have to make yourself great by how hard you push yourself in any workout. If you want to become your best, push yourself as hard as you possibly can."

Tebow has what it takes to motivate people, and that's a key part of being a good coach. If he ever gets an opportunity to be an NFL coach, he would most likely do a solid job.

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