Here's How Zac Efron Got Absolutely Jacked in Preparation for 'Baywatch'

With help from The Rock, Zac Efron transformed his body for his upcoming role in 'Baywatch.'

Many celebrities transform their bodies for movie roles. Sometimes you see dramatic weight loss, or guys like Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal and John Krasinski pack on massive amounts of muscle.

But we have to say that Zac Efron's transformation for his upcoming role in Baywatch might have all these guys beat.

Efron went from the skinny kid in High School Musical to a beast who could compete in—and possibly win—a bodybuilding competition. He's been gradually bulking up over the years, but now he's absolutely shredded out of his mind.

In recent Instagram posts, Efron revealed he has been performing Ninja Warrior-style workouts to prepare for his role on a custom-built course on the set. This type of training is typically characterized by bodyweight movements that require a ridiculous amount of upper-body and core strength.

And, Efron has been putting in extra time with his large co-star, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Both guys—who clearly love working out—competed against each other in a tire flipping race and tire shrugging contest. As Efron alluded to in his Instagram comment, it's next-to-impossible to beat The Rock, but we're sure it made for an awesome workout.

Efron also recently explained how he adjusted his diet for his role. It might not be as strict as Tom Brady's, but he was certainly careful to avoid foods that might sabotage his ripped abs.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock