Loosen Up Your Hips With This Simple Stretch

Use the Tripod Adductor Stretch as a warm-up for any activity.

We sit more than ever and our hips suck because of it. To keep your hips performing at their best, it's important to expose them to different and full ranges of motion, especially before workouts and games.

The Tripod Adductor Stretch is one of the best stretches for opening up your hips so they can support your movement. This stretch targets the adductor, or groin muscles, on the inside of the thigh. You also work hip and knee range of motion on the kneeling side.

Coaching Points

  • Keep your knee straight on the outstretched leg.
  • Press your chest away from the floor fully to avoid sagging toward the ground through your shoulders.
  • Rock back and forth slowly for designated repetitions. If you find a particularly tight area within the range, feel free to hang out or do small back and forths in that range.
  • Keep your low back flat throughout the exercise.

How to Use It

Use this exercise as a warm-up for any activity. It's also great as a cooldown, because  you can focus on breathing during the motion. Try this after a long day of sitting at your desk, a long car ride or a lengthy flight. Shoot for 2-4 sets of 10-20 repetitions on each side.

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