Become A Leader: Take Your Team Through Low Hurdle Drills

Become a leader this season by gathering your crew ten minutes before practice to work on one aspect of your game. It won't take long for you to notice the impact you have on your teammates. Being a leader means standing up for what you believe in and grinding through the tough times as well as enjoying the fun times with your teammates.  (See 3 Ways To Become A Strong Leader.)

The following drills will not only help your teammates see you in a new light, they will also add an edge to your game. Low hurdle drills are great for improving foot speed, coordination, dynamic power and balance while increasing knee and ankle strength and stability. (See also Improve Your Agility With 4 Speed Ladder Drills.)

Sets/Reps: Begin with four reps each of the drills in the video. As you progress with stamina, footwork and body positioning, you can add additional exercises.

Low Hurdle Training

Two Feet Forward Hop

Two Feet Forward Hop

Two Feet Lateral Hop

Two Feet Lateral Hop

Lateral Run Slide


Reverse Slide

One Foot Forward Hop

One Foot Lateral Hop

Sprint and Backpedal

Lateral Hop

Two Forward One Back


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