2 Advanced Ab Rollout Variations for a Stronger Core

Take your core training up a notch with two advanced Ab Rollout variations from STACK Expert Kelvin King Jr.

Rollouts are one of the best moves to develop the core. But if you have a strong core, traditional barbell or ab wheel Rollouts may leave something to be desired. Like any other type of training, as you get stronger, you need to make the exercise tougher.

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One of my favorite ways to amp up the Ab Rollout is to add rings or a suspension trainer. Using rings adds instability, increasing the challenge to your core. It also allows you to perform what's essentially a Single-Arm Rollout, forcing your core to prevent your torso from twisting, rotating and extending. Better yet, it puts a ton of tension on your upper body, which will build strength and stability.

My two favorite versions are One-Arm Ring Extension Rollouts and One-Arm Ring Lateral Extension Rollouts. Both exercises train anti-extension, meaning they strengthen your abs by forcing them to prevent your lower back from arching. The lateral version is more difficult because you must fight to prevent rotation, and it even strengthens your chest since the move is similar to a Fly.

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They might sound like crazy complicated exercises, but execution is fairly simple as long as you have adequate strength. Watch the videos above to learn how to perform them.

How To:

  • Set up a gymnastic ring about 5 inches off the ground.
  • Get a good grip on the ring; maintain proper core strength and alignment.
  • Keeping your back straight, roll out to full extension and come back.
  • Same goes for the Lateral Rollout.

Sets/Reps: 2x5-10

One-Arm Ring Extension Lateral Rollout

One-Arm Ring Extension Lateral Rollout

One-Arm Ring Extension Rollout

One-Arm Ring Extension Rollout

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