3 Explosive Exercises to Increase Acceleration

They say speed kills, but acceleration is the real key to success on the field.

In the world of sports, they say speed kills. The truth is, acceleration is what really separates elite athletes from the rest. In most sports, athletes rarely reach top speed during competition. So though speed is definitely important, what matters most for athletes is their ability to explosively accelerate for short distances.

Here are three exercises to increase acceleration, giving you a leg up on your competition.

Resisted Sprints

Resisted sprints are a great tool to teach athletes proper body position, allowing them to generate more force horizontally and create faster acceleration. Also, for younger athletes, Resisted Sprints can be a great way to gain strength in the lower body without the use of heavy weights.

A recent study has shown that athletes who performed Resisted Sprints using 80% of their bodyweight improved their 5-m and 20-m more than those who used no resistance.

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Hex Bar Deadlift with Bands

Adding bands to a Deadlift makes the exercise more challenging at the top of the movement. In doing so, it forces the athlete to continue accelerating the bar all the way to the lockout position. As a result, the athlete learns to generate more power, which can be directly transferred to the field.

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Barbell Squat with Chains

Similar to bands, the use of chains when squatting allows the athlete to manipulate the weight of the bar, so that it is lighter at the bottom (where they are weaker) and heavier at the top (where they are stronger). Second, this lets the athlete accelerate the bar through the entire movement, when normally he or she would have to slow down as the bar got to the top position to prevent the bar from lifting off their shoulders. Again, this added power can be used by the athlete to increase their acceleration during competition.

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