STACK Challenge: 300-Yard Shuttle

Test your speed and conditioning with the 300-Yard Shuttle, the fitness challenge used by the Chicago Bears.

Shuttle Drill

Every week, a new STACK Challenge gives you an opportunity to test your athletic ability and win a STACK T-shirt. Take the challenge and enter to win by tweeting your results with #STACKChallenge.

Training for speed and conditioning this summer? Take the 300-Yard Shuttle test today, then twice more this summer to track your progress. It's the same test Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman famously implemented last summer when his team reported to training camp.

To complete the challenge, place two cones 25 yards apart. Sprint back and forth between the cones, making sure you touch each one. Repeat for 12 lengths for a total of six round trips.

The Challenge

Complete the 300-Yard Shuttle as fast as possible.

How Do You STACK Up?

Rookie:  70 seconds or more
Pro: 58-70 seconds
All-Star: 58 seconds or less

STACK T-ShirtHow to Win a STACK T-Shirt

  1. Complete the Challenge by June 22
  2. Follow STACK on Twitter (@stackmedia)
  3. Tweet your results and include #STACKChallenge

We'll choose one participant to win a STACK T-shirt.

Get Better

Not an All-Star yet? Use these workouts to get better.



Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock