Refine Your Sprinting Form With the A-Run Drill

Learn how to perform the A-Run drill to improve your sprinting form and boost your speed.

A-Run Drill

To get faster, you need to refine your technique. And one of the best ways to do this is by reinforcing proper mechanics with the A-Run Drill.

The A-Run is great drill because it teaches you efficient sprinting posture, arm action, front and backside mechanics, and proper foot position. The result? You put more force into the ground to help you spring forward with each stride.

Add this drill to your speed training three to four times per week. Start running for 20 yards and as you master the technique, gradually increase the distance by 10 percent, up to 100 yards. Start slow and gradually increase your speed. Develop your technique further with STACK's Guide to Sprinting Technique.

A-Run How To

  • Start with a good running posture and sprint down the field
  • Bring your foot back down into the ground under your hips and apply force into the ground
  • Push backward against the ground with your foot
  • When your foot comes off the ground, dorsiflex your ankle (bring foot toward shin) and bring your heel up as high as possible to your glutes
  • Bring your knee up as if you were stepping up and over your opposite knee
  • Repeat the cycle
  • Remember to act like a spring on ground contact

Sets/Distance: 2-3x20 yards and gradually increase distance

Watch this video to see the A-Run Drill in action.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock