Build Stronger Triceps With This Tricep Extension Variation

Start with light weight for more reps to get great results.

If you dream of bigger triceps, then Tricep Extensions are an absolute must. Recently, I've been experimenting with a landmine version of the exercise and have experienced solid results.

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Why perform Landmine Triceps Extensions instead of Dumbbell Tricep Extensions or Skull Crushers? They are more friendly on the elbows and shoulders, and they allow you to effectively target your triceps in addition to other upper-body muscles, such as the frontside of your shoulders, biceps, pecs and even your abs. They also help keep your elbows tight to your body, which places more stress on the triceps—avoiding a common mistake in other Tricep Extension variations.

How to Perform Landmine Tricep Extensions

Landmine Tricep Extension

Lie on the floor with the bar perpendicular to your shoulder and either your legs flat or knees bent. Hold the bar in one hand over your chest. Slowly bend your elbow to lower the bar until your hand is next to your ear. Straighten your arm to drive the barbell up to the starting position.

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I use no more than 5-10 pounds and go for high reps. Before you say this is too easy, try it first. If you feel strong after using light weight, feel free to add weight.

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