Carmelo Anthony's 2 a.m. Offseason Conditioning Workout Looks Brutal

Despite questions regarding his future with the New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony is hard at work, putting in the time, even in the middle of the night.

Carmelo Anthony has long been one of the most pure scorers in the league. A smooth shooter, a monster in the mid-range and a killer in isolation situations, Melo has earned his reputation for his ability to put the ball in the basket.

And while he came into the league with undeniable talent, Melo has also worked hard to polish his game and has grown into the offensive threat he now poses.

But Anthony's workouts aren't all just the jump shots and fadeaways out of the mid-post that his game seems to be predicated on.

Check out this video posted by his trainer of Carmelo sprinting, shuffling and backpedaling to get in shape with this conditioning workout that he apparently conducted at 1:49 a.m.!

With all of the recent dysfunction surrounding the Knicks organization it seems as though it hasn't distracted Melo, and his work ethic remains constant. Workouts like these are what's going to help Melo continue to pour in points no matter what team we see him suiting up for next year.