New Cirrus Yoga Mats Let You Show Team Spirit

Show off your team colors while holding your warrior pose with NBA- and collegiate-logo'd yoga mats from Cirrus Fitness.

Cirrus Fitness Yoga Mats

Have you ever been in the middle of a sun salutation and thought, "Man, I wish everybody in this yoga class knew that I'm a Bulls fan?" If so, Cirrus Fitness can grant your wish. As far as I can tell, the company is the first to create a line of fitness equipment licensed by collegiate and professional sports teams, so you can show your team colors while you're working out. Along with stability balls and medicine balls, the yoga mats are among Cirrus's first offerings with team logos to hit the market. The company plans to release team logo'd yoga mat bags, treadmills and stationary bikes in the future.

A colleague and I at STACK recently tried out the yoga mats, and found their construction to be pretty much in line with what you'd expect from an entry-level mat. It provided ample support and cushioning during a vinyasa flow session, and although the grip is decent, I would still suggest throwing down a towel if you're in a heated class or tend to sweat a lot. The biggest difference between the Cirrus mat and ones I've used in the past, obviously, is the embroidered logo at the top and the distinct team colors, which let the whole class know which team I root for. It definitely made the mat stand out at my studio, prompting several "where'd you get that?" questions from fellow practitioners.

Cirrus currently has all 30 NBA teams licensed, as well as a plethora of college programs.  You can find all their current products and teams offered at But keep in mind: neither Cirrus nor STACK can be held responsible if someone picks a fight with you because you flashed colors from a rival team. Namaste, remember?

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock