Footwork with Arizona State Throwers

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Graceful, ballet-like movement would help any thrower as he moves across the ring. However, since these trackletes are usually a bit stockier than the average dancer, this is one skill that is less natural, and instead more developed than most.

When it comes to throwing the shot or discus, you need swift feet that hit all the proper positions to squeeze every inch out of your throw. "Throwers need to learn the correct path on which to move their feet to optimally accelerate the implement," says David Dumble, Arizona State University throws coach. "The only way to achieve proper positions and footwork is to practice and rehearse your steps."

Achieving both proper position and correct footwork isn't easy because of the way our upper and lower bodies work. "Humans have more nerve endings in their upper bodies than lower; so the lower body is more difficult to control," Dumble explains.

To improve his athletes' foot coordination and educate them on proper foot positions, he recommends performing:

· Line Jumps
· Speed Ladders
· Dot Drills

All of these exercises teach an athlete how his lower body works, and therefore make him a better athlete.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock