Kevin Love's 5-Move Yoga Workout

Kevin Love credits yoga with helping him become a better basketball player.

What separates a "great" NBA player from one who's just "average" is a matter of degrees—a few more shots made at the right time, a couple of extra rebounds each game, or a little more durability during the long season.When he jumped to the NBA after a single season of college ball (at UCLA), Kevin Love didn't want to be average. He wanted to be great. So he sought out ways he could outwork, outsmart and outlast his competition. "I always try to find something that's going to separate me from other guys," Love says.

Love thought yoga might be a difference maker for him, so perhaps it was a fortunate coincidence that just down the road from where he went to school was a former pro basketball player turned yoga instructor named Kent Katich, whose client list included a bevy of NBA stars. Love walked into Katich's "Yoga Court" studio years ago, and the two have worked together ever since. Today, yoga is a huge part of Love's training regimen, and he credits the practice for a number of improvements in both his game and his life.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock