MLB 11: The Show and MLB 2K11 Video Game Reviews

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Attention pitchers and hitters: Sony's MLB 11: The Show and 2K Sports' MLB 2K11 will prep your mindset as you gear up for the season.

MLB 11: The Show: Mauer's back with a new look

Minnesota Twins homegrown All-Star catcher Joe Mauer continues to be an MLB driving force. The premier all-around player was the perfect catch to grace the cover of Sony's revamped game.

"Year in and year out, MLB The Show delivers the best baseball gameplay experience, and MLB 11: The Show will be no different," says Eric Levine, Sony's computer entertainment of America PR manager. "There's no worthier ambassador to represent the game."

Along with Sony's PS Move Motion Controller (specifically for Home Run Derby) and Stereoscopic 3D Experience compatibility, which visually throws gamers into the action, the Pure Analog Control System helps make The Show one of the most realistic sport simulators to date. The system includes analog stick controls for all hitting, pitching and throwing motions. Gamers can hone their skills by focusing on precise stick movements. Whether you swing for the fences or just make contact, the R-stick gives you complete control. Just like a real at-bat, you must perfect your timing with every pitch to place the bat on the ball.

Pure Pitching is similar to the Pitch Meter when setting strength and location, as seen in earlier versions. However, the timing mechanism for the pitcher's release point is more challenging. One slip of the stick could cost you the game.

For fielding, Pure Throwing uses the R-stick to throw in the direction of a base or teammate. Gamers control how the ball is thrown by holding down the R-stick in the desired direction. Releasing the ball away from the target results in an inaccurate throw.

MLB 2K11: Control is everything

Last season's game, featuring 2K10 cover boy Evan Longoria, was all about the long ball. This year, precision pitching takes precedence with National League Cy Young winner and Philadelphia Phillies ace Roy Halladay.

"In the 'Year of the Pitcher,' Roy has truly distinguished himself as the best," says Greg Thomas, 2K's senior vice president of sports development. "Between [a] dominating season that included baseball's 20th perfect game and his exciting performance post-season, we believe there's no player more worthy of representing our revolutionary pitching mechanic."

One of MLB 2K11's most recognizable features is Total Control Pitching, which gives gamers complete command. Dominate batters like "Doc" Halladay by controlling every pitch with precision movement from the right analog stick. But, one bad flick during a tight game can turn your pitcher from a hero to a zero.

Guide your player through the minor leagues and into the history books with the improved My Player mode. Become the next pitcher to throw a perfect game, or find your stroke at the plate and win a batting title.

Both MLB games are scheduled for release at the beginning of March. For more info about these and other top-selling games, check out the Entertainment section at

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