Meet Your U. S. Olympians: Carli Lloyd

In STACK's series on meeting your Olympians, we introduce you to Carli Lloyd, midfielder for the U.S. national soccer team.

With the Olympics only weeks away, the women's U.S. national soccer team is gearing up for another world-class performance. Along the way, STACK spoke with midfielder Carli Lloyd about her confidence, fitness-level and role on the team.

After watching Lloyd go through one of her workouts, there's no doubt in our minds that she and her teammates will be ready to capture another gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. "The sky is the limit when you're fit," says Lloyd, who credits her growth as a player to her quality training.

Soon, Lloyd will once again be front and center, showcasing her skills in front of a world audience. "[Making it this far] is a tremendous accomplishment," she says. "You train every four years to play in something like this; for me to be able to participate in my second one is an honor."

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock