How Sports Psychology Helped UFC Fighter Jessica Eye Get Her Swagger Back

UFC fighter Jessica Eye reveals that a sports psychologist helped her overcome her struggle with self-confidence.

Pro fighters may seem like some of the cockiest people on the planet, given the arrogant acts many put on at press conferences, or the sheer amount of courage it takes just to step inside the octagon. But folks in the UFC are like other athletes—sometimes, they struggle with confidence. Such was the case with Jessica Eye, the #10 ranked Bantamweight in the UFC women's division, who's facing off against Bethe Correa at UFC 203 this weekend in Cleveland, Ohio.

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During a Q&A session with the crowd at a recent open workout, Eye was asked how she's going to fare against Correa. Here's what she had to say:

"I'm going to knock [Correa] out. I know I haven't been on the best run. I've had personal issues that I've sorted out. I recommend that if [an athlete has] ever thought about seeing a sports psychologist, if you might need some help, go get it. Who cares what other people think? Go do what you gotta do to make yourself better. I'm fortunate enough that I decided to do that. I get to [fight] in front of you guys. You guys are the reason I didn't give up on myself. I stopped believing for a long time in myself. That was my tagline: I'm a believer. And I stopped believing. Because of you guys, I'm back here where I started. And everything I ever wanted to do is in front of me."

Eye, who's from the Cleveland area, received hearty cheers from her fans.

Her advice is meaningful to any athlete who's ever struggled with self-confidence. It's a tough battle, but one that can be won. Sports psychologists help athletes eliminate doubt and put them in a position to be successful.

Eye holds an overall record of 11-5, but she lost her last three UFC fights by decision. She sounds confident that she'll be a different fighter when she steps inside the octagon at UFC 203.

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