Improve Your Vision With a Nutrition Supplement

Give yourself the edge on the field this season by improving your vision with the nutritional supplement zeaxanthin.


Many athletes take their vision for granted, unaware that there are simple, natural ways to maintain healthy eyes and improve athletic performance.

An integral part of a full training regimen, vision training is most effective when it begins with healthy eyes and superior vision. Just as athletes need to replace lost electrolytes, eat protein to maintain muscle mass and consume carbohydrates for energy, they also need to consume certain nutrients to sustain optimal visual performance.

Numerous studies reveal that the key nutrient for maintaining visual performance is zeaxanthin, found in colorful fruits and vegetables such as corn and red peppers. However, to get the amount of zeaxanthin required for optimal visual performance, you'd have to eat more than 40 ears of corn a day. In other words, the invaluable benefits of zeaxanthin cannot be achieved through diet alone.

So why zeaxanthin? Zeaxanthin and lutein (both naturally occurring pigments found in the eye) make up the macular pigment in the back of the eye, serving to filter harmful high-energy, blue wavelengths of light and to help protect and maintain healthy visual receptors. When these natural carotenoids are replenished through supplements, the eye's macular pigment becomes thicker and better able to protect the rods and cones in the back of the eye, like an internal pair of polarized sunglasses. Denser macular pigment results in reduced glare, reduced sensitivity to light, improved contrast sensitivity and faster visual processing speed. A recent study even showed a line and a half improvement on a standard eye chart.

Seeing better and processing moving objects faster can produce significant performance improvements. Other proven benefits include:

  • Glare recovery
  • Seeing distance through haze
  • Contrast sensitivity improvement
  • Decreased sensitivity to the sun
  • Increased photo stress recovery
  • Improved visual processing speed

These benefits are invaluable to all types of athletes—major league baseball players, tennis players, golfers, race car drivers and pilots—as well as to those of us who engage in sports for fun.

Although several supplements on the market today include zeaxanthin, I've found that EyePromise vizual EDGE has the highest amount of the key component, 26 mg of zeaxanthin, as well as other ingredients that have been proven to impact eye health. Most of the other supplements available offer (on average) less than 4 mg of zeaxanthin. That's quite a difference. And, EyePromise vizual EDGE is the only vision supplement to have received NSF accreditation, which allows MLB, NHL, NFL and PGA players to take it knowing that it does not contain any banned substances.

I'm acquainted with ZeaVision, the company that produces vizual EDGE. They are dedicated to preserving and improving eye health, and they offer a range of natural dietary supplements with the highest concentrations of zeaxanthin. They've been selling their supplements to eye doctors for over 10 years.

Given the scientifically proven benefits of zeaxanthin, it appears that adding EyePromise vizual EDGE to a sports vision training regimen can dramatically improve athletic performance. Couple this with vision training and you have a powerful one-two punch.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock