ZAMST Filmista Ankle Support Provides Protection and Support Without Slowing You Down

You get just enough protection and no movement restriction from this burly-strong ankle wrap with a barely-there feel.

What you notice most is the confidence you feel.

When you secure ZAMST's Filmista around your ankle for the first time, you'll feel the comfort of its material like a second skin wrapping around the junction between your foot and lower leg. And you'll know the fit is just right, thanks to the three adhesive pads that let you truly dial it in. Not long after that, you're liable to forget that you're wearing anything at all on your ankle.


ZAMST Filmista Ankle Wrap

Why? Because the Filmista is made of what ZAMST calls Flyweight Tech, a super-light material that has outsized supportive properties. Its burly-strong technology with a barely-there feel provides just enough protection—and no interference with your movement.

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For athletes who've struggled with or worried about rolling, turning or spraining their ankles, the Filmista delivers a huge shot of confidence in a small (but mighty) package. You'll get the medial and lateral support you need. And you'll still have all of the freedom of movement you want.

That's not all. An extra dose of assurance comes with ZAMST's Grip Tech, which prevents slipping. That means that once you have the Filmista wrapped exactly how you want it, the ankle support will remain set that way. It won't loosen up and lose its effectiveness like an ankle tape job.

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ZAMST's Filmista is anatomically fit, which means you'll want to buy it specifically for your right foot or left foot—or both, if you want equal protection. The support costs $40, available at

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock