Rick Scarpulla

Website: http://myultimateadvantage.com

Rick Scarpulla

Rick Scarpulla is a highly sought-after strength, speed and conditioning coach who helps develop top high school, college and professional athletes and programs throughout North America.

Scarpulla is the creator of The Ultimate Athlete Training Program, and he runs the Ultimate Advantage Gym just outside New York City. He currently coaches West Point's powerlifting team where he is credited as having designed the training program.

At Ultimate Advantage, athletes under Scarpulla's tutelage include numerous national powerlifting champions, NAS Strongmen and collegiate All-Americans, as well as USTA and D-I collegiate tennis players, champion MMA fighters and coaches, some of the nation’s top collegiate swimmers and record holders, and blue chip prospects in football, soccer, lacrosse and basketball.

Throughout his career, Scarpulla has worked with many NFL players and coaches and with the NFL Player Development program. He has been certified in the Nike Sparq training system and is a certified member of the coaching staff at strength guru Louie Simmons’s Westside Barbell.

Scarpulla is the creator of The Ultimate Athlete Seminar series, a hands-on learning experience geared directly to athletes and athletic performance. He is also available for online training sessions.

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