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9 Tips to Recover from Surgery Faster

March 2, 2013 | Z Altug

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If you're currently recovering from athletic surgery, you're probably itching to get past rehab and back to playing your sport. Following your doctor's orders and waiting for the healing hands of nature to work their magic are fine. But there are other things you can be doing—and not doing—to speed up the healing process. The following are simple tips to get you back in the game faster:


  • Smoke. A study showed that smokers had less improvement after lumbar stenosis surgery than non-smokers (Sanden et al., 2011). If healing was better after back surgery, there is huge chance it'll be better after other types of surgery. (See YOU Docs: Q&A on Overcoming a Tobacco Addiction.)
  • Drink. Alcohol delays healing of bone and soft tissue like tendons and muscles (Jung et al., 2011). So it's best to wait until you are completely healed after your surgery or injury before even considering drinking alcohol, even in moderation. (Read these Alcohol Basics for Athletes.)
  • Stress out. Studies have shown that controlling acute and chronic stress can have a positive effect on healing (Altemus et al., 2001, Glaser et al., 1999, Kiecolt-Glaser et al., 1995). (See Just Relax: Simple Sport Psychology Techniques to Help You Cope With Stress.)


  • Control your anger. Controlling and managing anger can have a positive effect on wound healing (Gouin et al., 2008).
  • Eat healthy. Eat a well-balanced diet before and after surgery to get optimal healing (Kratzing, 2011).
  • Get enough vitamin D. See your doctor and get your vitamin D level checked; it may help optimize recovery after injury (Stratos et al., 2012).
  • Listen to your favorite music. Music therapy has been shown to reduce pain and anxiety (Nilsson, 2008); music may also help you heal faster.
  • Try Tai Chi. Performing Tai Chi may help boost your immune system (Burke et al., 2007). (Check out Try These Three “Ancient” Exercises to Boost Your Modern-Day Game.)
  • Visualize and meditate. Visualization and meditation have been used to improve athletic performance. You can also use it before and after surgery to heal faster and to reduce pain and anxiety (Huddleston, 1996). For more information, check out


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Z Altug
- Z Altug, PT, MS, CSCS, NSCA-PT, is a licensed physical therapist and athletic performance specialist out of Los Angeles. He co-authored the 2012 Healthy Lifestyle...
Z Altug
- Z Altug, PT, MS, CSCS, NSCA-PT, is a licensed physical therapist and athletic performance specialist out of Los Angeles. He co-authored the 2012 Healthy Lifestyle...
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