Everything We've Seen From the NBA's New Nike Uniforms (So Far)

Nike will take over as the official apparel provider of the NBA this upcoming season.

Ever since it was announced that Nike would be taking over for adidas as the NBA's official provider of jerseys and apparel, fans have been itching to see what their team's new uniforms would look like.

While the degree of difference from last year's adidas jerseys in terms of design will vary from team to team, Nike has announced two main changes to the jerseys that will be universal.

First, the jerseys will each features Nike's signature "Swoosh" logo (except for the Charlotte Hornets, who are owned by Michael Jordan and will feature his Nike-affiliated "Jumpman" logo). The addition of the logo will add a new element to each jersey as adidas did not feature their logo on the previous uniforms.

Additionally, instead of each team having the traditional, "Home" and "Road" jersey designations, teams will now have four core uniforms or "editions." Before each game the home team will pick one of their uniforms to wear, while the away team will choose a contrasting style.

These two elements and Nike's new designs (not to mention the ads that will be featured on each jersey for the first time in league history) will give NBA teams a new look going into the 2017-2018 season.

So whether it was an official release or a leaked image, here is everything that we have seen from the new uniforms so far:

Golden State Warriors

Cleveland Cavaliers

Oklahoma City Thunder


Chicago Bulls


Sacramento Kings


Indiana Pacers


Houston Rockets


Portland Trail Blazers


Philadelphia 76ers


Detroit Pistons


Charlotte Hornets


Washington Wizards


Phoenix Suns