Kevin Durant's Favorite NBA Player Does Not Play for the Warriors

Kevin Durant's favorite player is Paul George.

Every basketball fan has a favorite player, and professional basketball players are no different. Though it might sound weird for a pro to have a favorite player other than a teammate, that is the case for Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant.

The Warriors take on the Indiana Pacers Monday night at Oracle Arena, and during the morning shootaround, Durant told the media that Pacers superstar Paul George is his favorite player.

"He's my favorite player in the league," Durant said of George. "I've been saying that for awhile. Just so smooth, man. He can do it all: pass, rebound, defend, post up, shoot the ball. He's my favorite player."

Paul George and Kevin Durant
The two players were teammates over the summer for team USA, and they became friends off the court. But according to the former NBA MVP, their friendship actually increased their level of competitiveness on the court.
"We both want to win at a high level and play well, but after the game it's all love," Durant said. "I think that's more of the competition that you're starting to see more of over the last 10 years. Since I've been in the league, guys become friends off the court through USA Basketball and going back to AAU and college ball. On the court, you act like you don't even know those guys, but after the game, it's all love."


Durant and George have many things in common, which is one reason why they bonded. Per

"We want the same things on the basketball court," Durant said. "He's low-maintenance. He's a superstar, but he's a low-maintenance guy. Doesn't need much. Same type of attitude that I bring. Loves the game. Loves to work. So we kind of clicked."

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