3 Pre-Season Workouts for Hockey Players

front squat

While no one knows if there will be an NHL season this year, hockey players need to be ready. It's important to choose the right pre-season workouts, or you could leave yourself at a serious disadvantage.

At this time of year, hockey players should be finishing their off-season training and beginning their pre-season workouts. The primary goal of pre-season workouts is to maintain off-season strength gains without excessive fatigue, injury or overtraining. (Learn more about overtraining.)

This is also the time to start getting into game shape, so you can skate for a full shift without losing quickness, shot speed or checking power.

Below are three pre-season hockey workouts that will prepare you for the start of your season. It's best to use a rep range of eight to 10 to begin building muscle endurance and conditioning.

Workout 1

Workout 2

Workout 3

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