17 Gnarly Sports Feet You Cannot Unsee

Athletes' feet go through hell.

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Athlete's feet go through hell.

We've previously covered how disfigured elite athlete's fingers can become over the years, but that's nothing compared to what lurks inside their sneakers.

While professional athletes have physiques most of us would kill for, their feet are a different story.

Due to thousands upon thousands of hours of training, practice and play, many star athletes have feet that make Frodo Baggins' look good by comparison.

Some of them grew up having to shove their feet inside ill-fitting shoes for their sport, resulting in bizarre anatomical adaptations.

While they may look like a podiatrist's worst nightmare, these scarred extremities represent the insane amounts of sacrifice and hard work it took to get these athletes where they are today.

In that sense, many wear them as a badge of honor. When Zlatan Ibrahimovic's friends recoiled at the massive portrait of his own beat-up feet he has hanging inside his dream home, he replied, "You idiots!...Those feet have paid for all of this."

Having said that, some of these feet are pretty upsetting, so if you want to bow out, now's your chance.

No? Well, get ready for 17 gnarly sports feet you can't unseeā€¦

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