Auburn University's Routine for Throwers

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In events dominated by brute strength and meathead mentality, you can add distance to your throws and improve your PRs without lifting a weight or picking up a shot.

According to Damon Davis, Auburn University's T&F strength coach, proper flexibility allows throwers to hold certain rotational positions and effectively produce more force. "If a thrower lacks mobility, back injuries can occur due to overcompensations; and other poor throwing habits develop because of joint restrictions," says Davis.

To improve lower-body flexibility, which increases lift and force on throws, Davis puts his athletes through the following mini routine twice a week. Overall benefits include opening hip complexes, developing single-leg strength, and building groin and abductor strength.

Deep Squat Stretch

• A ssume shoulder-width stance, reaching arms straight overhead as high as possible
• Squat down while bringing your arms down
• Grasp inside of feet with hands while applying pressure to inside of knees with elbows
• Hold squat position 2 to 5 seconds; return to start position

Sets/Reps: 1x5-10
Coaching Points: Don't rush stretch // Avoid standing up too quickly out of squat // Don't distribute weight onto balls of feet while bringing torso into upright position

Slide Board Reverse Lunge

• Stand with back foot on slide board and front foot off it
• Load weight onto leg that is off slide board
• Reach back with foot on slide board into reverse lunge position; extend back as far as possible
• Hold position 2 to 5 seconds; slowly return to start position

Sets/Reps: 1x10-20 for each leg
Coaching Points: Maintain tall posture // Avoid leaning your torso // Keep positive shin angle on front leg

Slide Board Lateral Lunge

• Stand with one foot on slide board
• Squat, loading leg off slide board. Keep leg on slide board straight and reach out into lateral lunge
• Extend on slide board as far as possible; slowly return to start position

Sets/Reps: 1x10-20 for each leg
Coaching Points: Avoid leaning your torso // Keep hip, knee and ankle in straight line while squatting

* Use towel on gym floor if a slideboard is not available

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock