Jason Kelly

Jason Kelly has been an exercise physiologist for over twenty years as well as a massage therapist, and, was previously a fitness director. Today, he teaches workshops internationally and writes books based on fitness, strength and health. He has written three books, The Balanced Body (2016), Your Breath is Your Power (2016) and Instant Strength (2020). Instant Strength: Develop Your Stretch Reflex to Instantly: Sprint Faster - Lift More Weight - Jump Higher The Balanced Body: Move Well - Train Better - Avoid Injury Jason has been involved with fitness and training since the age of 15 and has been playing sports since the age of 5 until today. He knows what it takes to build strength, speed and power and to be an athlete from playing competitive rugby for 16 years, soccer for 12 and wrestling for 4. He trains and consults clients and athletes from his years of experience to be stronger, faster and more explosive instantly in their training and/or sport. Jason gives seminars and teaches workshops about health, alignment, balance, breathing, functional movement, explosiveness and strength training to the general population, corporations, corporate employees, physical therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers, strength trainers, athletes, sports teams and universities; to show them how to maximize strength, boost their training, enhance their sport performance, prevent injury and optimize their health. He is very passionate about teaching and training and turning people into athletes and athletes into champions. For more information about his training, workshops, books, etc., go to tbblife.com