Baylor's 400-Pound Tight End Wants to Become a WWE Wrestler After His NFL Career

LaQuan McGowan has a plan for life after football.

LaQuan McGowan

NFL prospects work hard to make sure their names get called on draft day. Most of them aren't too worried about what they will do after their NFL careers. That's not the case for Baylor Bears humongous tight end LaQuan McGowan. He has his life after football already figured out.

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The 6-foot-7, 400-pound tight end surprised everyone with his freakishly athletic abilities. Not only is McGowan nimble, but he has the muscle to back it up. At Baylor's Pro Day, he ran a 5.41-second 40-Yard Dash and benched 225 pounds 30 times. For possibly the heaviest draft prospect ever, those numbers are impressive and McGowan is likely to get picked.

But the NFL isn't the only job on his mind. "I feel like once that's over with, the WWE is calling my name," McGowan told SB Nation. He knows that most big guys don't last too long in the NFL, and he wants to become a WWE wrestler when his football career is over.

McGowan has the physical attributes that could make him the next Big Show or Mark Henry, so why not? He has already talked to a few people in the business who might be interested.

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