The 5 Best Yoga Pants Features

What should you look for in your next pair of yoga pants? STACK helps guide you through the best features of today's offerings.

Best Yoga Pants

After Lululemon recently recalled yoga pants for being too sheer, you might be asking yourself, which pants are right for me? (Check out the yoga footwear scene.) Lululemon has vowed to fix the see-through issue, so hopefully that will not be a factor in your spring shopping! But don't let the enormous number of styles and features freak you out; shopping should be fun and easy. (SeeĀ 10 Athletes and Teams You Might Not Think Would Practice Yoga.)

Best Yoga Pants Features

Supporting Your Shape

Supporting your shape is extremely important to ensure comfort and confidence. North Face offers the Tadasana VPR pants with specially formulated Shapeshifter fabric, designed to support and enhance your shape. You shouldn't worry about tugging or squeezing while you work your core or stretch out in a cat pose.

Keeping Moisture Away

Lululemon's Groove Pant offers not only a four-way stretch, but also moisture-wicking technology. Running gear may have led the way in moisture wicking, but the feature has now become standard in yoga apparel. It's perfect for an intense Bikram class.

The Hidden Pocket

This is always a welcome feature for when you need to store your bag but carry your key or card to class. Athleta offers the Rubik Capri, with some fun patterns and an internal hidden key pocket.

The Right Length

If you're tall, you're probably used to regular pants turning into capris; and if you're short, you're familiar with the frustrations (and expense) of constantly having to shorten your pants. Victoria's Secret offers a pant-length solution. Their The Most-Loved Yoga Pant comes in four different lengths, from short to extra long.

Fabric for Comfort

From Lycra to spandex to Lululemon's Luon to 100% cotton, there's no shortage of fabrics for yoga gear. Gaiam offers the Organic Yoga Pant, a pair that is breathable and soft, yet can also handle a machine wash. Sometimes ease of use can be an important quality in itself.

Pick your ideal features and happy posing!

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