Emmanuel Mudiay Loses Stephen Curry With Devastating Crossover

Denver rookie Emmanuel Mudiay gave Steph Curry a taste of his own medicine with a wicked crossover to get open for a 3-ball.

Emmanuel Mudiay Loses Stephen Curry With Devastating Crossover

Sure, the Golden State Warriors just tied the record for the best start in NBA history. And fine, Stephen Curry is averaging a ridiculous 33.6 points per game. But we're not here to talk about that, because we're sure by now you've heard it all ad naseum.

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No, we're here to shed some light on Denver Nuggets rookie point guard Emmanuel Mudiay, who despite taking the L from the Warriors last night had one of the first major "wow" moments of his NBA career. In the third quarter, Mudiay yo-yoed Curry back and forth around a pick before faking right and darting back to his left. Thinking Mudiay was headed to the right, Curry tried to cut him off, only to find Mudiay standing alone at the 3-point line. Curry was so far away that Mudiay had at least two seconds to set his feet, take a deep breath and knock down a 3-pointer.

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The Warriors are 15-0, which is beyond impressive, but this was probably the best highlight from the game.

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