Save 40% on the Hylete 6-in-1 Icon Backpack, The Only Bag You'll Ever Need

This do-everything pack gives the traveling athlete an incredible array of options.

Traveling athletes have met their match. Whether you're hitting the road for a weekend tournament or an obstacle course race, you'll be able to stow everything you need in the Hylete 6-in-1 Icon Backpack. In fact, it's the only bag you'll ever need.

And right now you can get that bag for 40% off. Just use the promo code "stack."

Hylete Backpack

How can we say the Hylete 6-in-1 Icon Backpack is "the only bag you'll ever need?" It helps that, as you might guess from the name, the Icon is actually several bags built into one.

This do-everything pack can be used six different ways:

Hylete Backpack

Backpack. The BIG base version. This edition comes with every feature you could imagine. There are a special protective compartment for your sunglasses; two cold storage areas for food and drink; holders for your pens, pencils, keys, laptop, tablet and smartphone; and enough general storage in the middle such that traveling athletes will find more than ample room for their gear and casual clothes when traveling for a weekend race or tournament.

Extended Backpack. The even BIGGER version of the base, thanks to an extra compartment that's available when you need it and retractable when you don't.

Removable Daypack. One of the coolest features of a product that's packed with things we like, the removable daypack lets you keep all the stuff you really need and use regularly—think laptop, cellphone, and your playbook—with you in a lighter, portable bag, while you leave the bigger bag with your heavier gear back at the hotel room.

Hylete Backpack

Small Duffle.  Removing the Daypack doesn't mean you can't use the rest of the bag. In fact a second set of straps and hooks let you convert the larger storage area into a duffle bag that's perfect for toting your clothes, shoes, and anything else you need to get back-and-forth.

Large Duffle. Like the backpack version, the duffle is also expandable.

Messenger Bag. Just want a light, easy over-the-shoulder option for your most portable stuff? You've got it.

Hylete Backpack


The Hylete 6-in-1 Icon Backpack lets you look good while you get wherever you're going, then gives you more options than you even need for carting your stuff around once you get there. It's an awesome traveling companion for the on-the-go athlete. And right now, you can get the bag for 40% off by using the promo code "stack."

Click here to see the 6-in-1 Icon Backpack on Hylete's website. (And don't forget that code! It'll save you serious cash.)

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