The Nike Metcon 2 Is the Perfect Training Shoe for Intense Workouts

Improve your stability, balance and strength with this training shoe from Nike.

The Nike Metcon 2 is the perfect item to add to your gym bag this holiday season.

Nike designed the Metcon 2 with the weightlifter in mind. The flat sole is constructed of dense rubber, which maximizes force transfer to the ground and doesn't alter your body's natural form on heavy lifts—a common problem when athletes wear running shoes when they lift weights.

Nike Men's Metcon 2The toe box has ample space so your toes can spread out, creating a stable foot position, which is critical for staying strong, balanced and injury-free when handling heavy weight.

The upper consists of a lightweight, breathable material that features Flywire cables to lock your foot into position and eliminate unwanted movement. Rubber is strategically added to the midfoot  to prevent wear and tear from activities such as climbing a robe; and the heel is reinforced to handle sliding up and down a wall when performing Handstand Push-Ups.

Nike Women's Metcon 2

The result is a shoe that provides the function, support and durability to withstand the most intense training sessions.

The Men's Nike Metcon 2 and Women's Nike Metcon 2 are available on Eastbay for $99.99.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock