Tim Tebow's Power-Building Conditioning Workout (With Video)

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The Denver Broncos are putting their faith in Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback, validating what many observers have believed for some time: Tebow is more than capable of playing QB in the NFL.

Sure, Tebow 's style of play is unconventional, but that's what makes him such a unique talent. Maybe his release isn't up to elite pro standards, but when's the last time you saw an NFL QB tuck the ball, escape the pocket and lower his shoulder into a 250-pound linebacker?

Tim Tebow performs Tire Pulls.

Tebow performing Tire Pulls at D1-Savannah.

That's Tebow's game, and it relies on his being one of the most powerful, best-conditioned athletes on the football field.

"I like being able to wear [opposing] players down, where I feel I have an advantage in the fourth quarter," Tebow says. "That's how I like to train, to be able to feel like I have an edge, and I feel like that is my edge."

When Tebow showed up at D1-Savannah this past off-season, weary after four straight days of cross-country travel, D1's national director of training Kurt Hester greeted him with a high-intensity conditioning circuit designed to fatigue all of the muscles in his body while also working to improve his QB skills with specific drills. (Read about Tebow's NFL Combine training with Hester and D1).

Gaining a great conditioning effect with short-rest intervals helps Tebow recover faster after running a play. "Once he gets into the huddle after running a play, he's recovered for the next play and he can go full out and have total control of his wits," says Hester.

Adds Tebow: "You're going to be fatigued, especially in the second half, so you've got to train your mind and your body to be able to fight through fatigue and keep going when you don't have a lot of rest or when you're going no huddle."

"He loves to train hard," Hester says. "The harder the workout, [the more] it elevates him through the workout."

Experience Tebow's ultimate conditioning circuit in the video above, and check out his personal 0ff-season workout.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock