WATCH: Brett Favre Fails Miserably in Throwing Out Opening Pitch

Batters might not want to dig in too firmly when Brett Favre takes the mound. He doesn't have control of his fastball.

Brett Favre

When someone throws out a ceremonial first pitch, more times than not it's disappointing. The baseball world has seen many celebrities throw terrible first pitches—and we can now add another one to the list.

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NFL Hall of Famer Brett Favre threw out the ceremonial first pitch for the University of Southern Mississippi in the first-round of the Conference USA tournament Wednesday night. The former Golden Eagles' quarterback was out to prove he is still the gunslinger he once was.


The 46-year old threw a fastball that got up to 71 mph, not bad velocity and certainly much harder than your typical "first pitch." The only problem was that the ball sailed way over the catcher's head. This may come as no surprise to some, since Favre holds the NFL record for most interceptions. (He's also No. 2 all-time with 508 TD passes.)

Check out Favre's inaccurate heater in the videos below.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock