Watch Kevin Pillar Catch Baseballs Dropped From a Drone Hundreds of Feet Above Him

Kevin Pillar can catch anything, even a baseball dropped from a drone hundreds of feet above him.

Toronto Blue Jays centerfielder Kevin Pillar views any baseball hit in his vicinity like a free taco launched from a t-shirt gun—he's just gotta get it!. Ultimate Zone Rate (UZR) is a statistic that measures how many many runs a player saves or gives up based on his fielding ability. According to FanGraphs, Pillar's UZR is +15.5 in 2016, meaning he has saved 15 more runs than the average fielder at his position. FanGraphs defines this as Gold Glove-caliber.

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Plays like the one above, in which Pillar runs straight into the centerfield wall at the Rogers Centre to catch a ball (with no regard for his safety), is exactly why he's such as valuable defender for the Blue Jays. It makes the insane video below, in which Pillar field baseballs dropped by a drone hundreds of feet above his head, not the least bit surprising.

The first dropped ball sends Pillar running on a dead sprint to his left, and it feels like the baseball hangs in the air for five minutes. Pillar, as he's wont to do, catches up to it and makes and incredible diving catch as his buddies go nuts around him. Just another ho hum day for Kevin Pillar, a.k.a., the Baseball Magnet.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock