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Precision Cuts with Johns Hopkins Lacrosse

October 1, 2008 | Featured in the October 2008 Issue

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Cutting on a dime can spell the difference between firing a game-winning shot and watching your opponent strip the ball out of your cradle.

To avoid such mishaps, and to enhance his players’ ability to make precision cuts, Johns Hopkins strength and conditioning coach Jay Dyer has them perform exercises to strengthen the muscles that make their moves on the field more efficient. “Lacrosse is a big change-of-direction sport,” Dyer says. “This sport is constantly stop, go, change of direction, so you need to have lower-body strength and power.”

To develop these attributes, Dyer’s Blue Jays perform Stick Box Jumps once a week during the off-season.

Stick Box Jumps
Pick a box height that is difficult but not impossible.
•    Stand in front of box with feet shoulder-width apart
•    Load lower body and explosively jump onto box
•    Land on box with balls of feet and hold landing for one count
•    Step off box, reset, and perform again
•    Repeat for specified reps

Sets/Reps/Rest: 2-3/5-6/90 seconds

Coaching Points: Maintain a slight bend in the knees // Use arms to explosively jump onto box // Avoid using a drop step on jump // Maintain control of body when landing on box

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