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Trick Advice from Kevin Robinson

October 1, 2009 | Featured in the October 2009 Issue

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“This is one of my favorite tricks to do. It’s a backflip with a 180 twist in it. Learn a backflip on a jump first, [because this trick is] basically like doing a crooked backflip. The key thing to any trick is commitment—committing to the trick, not doubting yourself and knowing that you can do it. If you feel like it’s beyond your capability, back off and save it for another day.” - Kevin Robinson

1. Head up the ramp with full confidence
2. Once in air, begin turning handle bar and dip right shoulder
3. Begin turning body while performing backflip
4. Roll body 180 degrees while continuing backflip
5. When coming out of flip, look over shoulder to spot landing
6. Spot landing and rotate tires towards destination
7. Begin landing on back wheel towards top of ramp
8. Roll away; prepare for next trick

STACK Advice: Before attempting any trick, make sure you’ve reached the proper skill level and you’re fully padded from head to toe // Work on trick in foam pit and resi-ramp before attempting it on a halfpipe.

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