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Exercise of the Week: Single-Leg RDL

August 17, 2011

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Every Wednesday, STACK features an Exercise of the Week to help you improve your overall sports performanceincluding strength, speed, conditioning and flexibility. This week we highlight the Single-Leg RDL, a lower body exercise that increases lower body strength and improves speed.

Who’s Doing the Single-Leg RDL

  • Connor Barwin, NFL DE
  • Georgia Tech Volleyball
  • Drew Brees, NFL QB
  • Kevin Durant, NBA F
  • Duncan Keith, NHL D

Single-Leg RDL Muscular Benefits

  • Increases strength in the glutes, hamstrings and lower back
  • Improves hip stability
  • Improves balance

Single-Leg RDL Sports Performance Benefits

  • Increased strength in the posterior chain [rear of the leg and back], which improves top-end speed
  • Improves running mechanics and efficiency from a strong posterior chain
  • Improves stability at the hip, which is important for balance when changing direction or landing from a jump

Single-Leg RDL Description

  • Balance on one leg, holding dumbbell in opposite hand at hip
  • With balancing leg slightly bent and back flat, bend forward at waist until dumbbell is just above floor
  • Flex glute to extend hip and return to starting position; repeat for specified reps
  • Perform set on opposite side

Sets/Reps: 3-4x5-12 each leg

Single-Leg RDL Coaching Points

  • Keep back flat and neck in neutral position
  • Bend at hips and keep knee behind toes
  • Keep weight close to shin
  • Use control going up and down

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Andy Haley
- Andy Haley is an Associate Content Director at STACK Media. A certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), he received his bachelor’s degree in exercise science...
Andy Haley
- Andy Haley is an Associate Content Director at STACK Media. A certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), he received his bachelor’s degree in exercise science...
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