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Tennessee Basketball's Jump and Sprint Drill

September 9, 2011

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Who uses it: Tennessee Volunteers men’s and women’s basketball teams
Who coaches it: Johnny Long, head strength and conditioning coach
Long says: This is a great drill because it’s similar to what you do in basketball—jump, grab a rebound, land, then explode into a sprint.

Jump and Sprint Drill

  • Place 26-inch box on baseline
  • Stand on top of box, facing court
  • Step off box, then jump off ground as fast as possible
  • When you land after jump, sprint through half court line
  • Perform 3 sets of 6. Use walk back to baseline as recovery

Coaching Points: When jumping, bend your knees to produce force to explode up and get a rebound // Explode as high as you can while extending your arms in the air // When you land, explode as fast as you can and sprint through half court

Heavy Sled Pulls

  • Sprint to half-court [30 yards], pulling heavy sled
  • Increase weight every week [100 to 200 pounds over four weeks]

Reps: 8 followed by 4 free sprints
Rest: 2 minutes [or enough so you can sprint 100 percent every rep]

Coaching tips: Maintain proper body position and mechanics. With the heavier weight, your strides will definitely be shorter, but resist the urge to lean at the waist. And don’t the increase weight too quickly.

Breakaway Belt Sprints

  • Sprint 10 yards with breakaway-belt resistance cord
  • Release belt, then sprint remaining length of court

Reps: 5-6
Adaptation: Take vertical leap, then perform sprint
Coaching Points: If you’re sprinting after performing a vertical leap, your first step is key. Make sure the balls of your feet are under your hips and really apply force into the ground.

Hand-weight sprints

  • Sprint length of court holding light weights
  • Drop weights, turn around and free sprint back

Reps: 5-6
Coaching Points: Maintain proper arm movement. Without weights, your arms really propel you into a sprint. Try to achieve similar arm movement when holding the weights, even though your mechanics won’t be perfect.

Photo: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

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