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Reebok Hockey Helmets Will Soon Include Head Trauma Detection

October 30, 2012 | Shay M.

Ice Hockey

Reebok is linking up with MC10, a Massachusetts-based technology company, to create a skullcap with sensors to identify head trauma. The mesh cap—thin enough to be worn under an athlete's helmet during a game—will help trainers diagnose the severity of a player's sustained head injury. Reebok will release the skullcap as part of its CCM Hockey line; however, according to the company, it is suitable for players of all sports, ages and skill levels. (Check out STACK's Concussion Guide.)

Helmets containing sensors are nothing new. However, in the past, they were not easily accessible, and often too cumbersome for use during active play. Furthermore, the helmets were costly, and usually not available for purchase by the public.

The Reebok skullcap is scheduled for release early next year. The company has yet to unveil a photo or announce a price—although, according to MC10, it will be affordable. What we do know is that pop culture will welcome the sensor-skullcap with open arms, since sports-related head injuries have become a hot button issue in recent years, and many athletes have come forward to reveal the lasting effects of routine concussions.

MC10 is developing other products using their conformable electronic systems. A winner of the Wall Street Journal's Technology Innovation Award this year, the company is working on products that will monitor body temperature, muscle function and heart rate.

If you are into extreme sports and need some added protection for your dome, read Go Harder With MIPS Helmet Technology.

Source: CNET

Photo: PSFK

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