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Golfers: Take Your Practice Swing to the Course

May 17, 2013 | Larry Seely

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Golfers often look terrific on the driving range, but fail to take the same swing to the course. Why? Many players use the driving range simply to beat balls and fail to develop their skills. However, the driving range is a great setting for practice if used correctly. (Sharpen your accuracy at the range.)

Finding the right practice techniques can help develop the feel you need to perform your best and shave strokes off your score. Here is a look at three different practice sessions any level player can use to help break their best score and become a more consistent player. (Watch Scott Stallings work out.)

Variable Practice

When working on the driving range, hitting shot after shot can get a bit mundane. So change the shot trajectory. Hit high, low, draws, and fades to a specific target. Hitting shots in this manner will teach you to play in any kind of wind conditions and give you a better understanding of how your shots move with different clubs.

Three-Hole Practice

Many golfers take the time to warm up before a round, but seldom actually think about the holes they are about to play. After hitting a few shots to loosen your muscles, practice playing the first three holes on the driving range. Visualizing the shots before you hit the course will prepare you to make your shots, and give you the confidence you need at the first tee.

One of a Kind

Golf is all about consistency. If you want to develop a specific shot, then take the same swing every time for an entire practice session. This is effective for targeting specific distance, fades, draws or any other shot. And it builds muscle memory, vastly increasing your shot repertoire, so you have the ability to get out of any situation on the course. Each club will turn the ball a bit differently, so knowing exactly what you can do will help you make a better decision on the course. (Watch Stewart Cink discuss the mental aspects of golf.)


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