10 Ways You're Embarrassing Your Kids at Their Sporting Events

The most regrettable things well-meaning parents do to embarrass their athletes.

Your young athlete is dominating his or her sport. And you're there taking in every minute of their success. However, sometimes your passion for the sport and your hopes and dreams for your kid's success can make you do some, let's just say, some dumb things.

Here are 10 ways you might be embarrassing your young athlete when he or she is trying to focus on playing well.

1. Yelling From the Stands or Sidelines

Athletes and parents in attendance don't need to hear your attempts to coach or egg on your kid. Plus, your kid probably won't even hear you—or pay attention—when he or she is in action. But rest assured, their teammates sitting on the bench will hear every. single. word.

Parent Watching Sports

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2. Being Overly Protective

Yes, you want your athlete to be safe. And it's understandable that you want to do everything in your power to protect him or her. But stay within reason. Suiting your kid up in body armor might do more emotional damage than confer protective benefits.

Overly Protective Parent

3. Complaining About Playing Time

Stop. Just stop. If you incessantly complain to the coach, there's a better chance your kid will spend more time on the bench than on the court or field.

Parent Complaining

4. Arguing With Other Parents

The competition is settled on the field, not by screaming lousy insults to other parents in the stands.

Parents Arguing

5. Yelling at the Ref

Same thing goes for the refs. Inevitably, they will make bad calls occasionally. Let your kid's coach handle it. Your athlete definitely does not want to see you get kicked out of the game for being obnoxious.

Parent Confronting Ref

6. Holding Embarrassing Signs

A "We Love You!" sign is sweet, no doubt. But completely and utterly embarrassing.

We Love You Sign

7. Yelling At Your Athlete in Front of His/Her Teammates

When your kid has a bad game, there's no reason to berate him/her front of his/her teammates—or at all for that matter. Your athlete should not be punished for failing to meet your expectations.

Parent Berating Athlete

8. Being Overly Helpful

Every team has parents who are involved in everything. Ordering team gear? Check. Hosting team dinners? For sure. Bringing snacks to every event? Yup. Sometimes this is great. Too much, though, and it's embarrassing.

Soccer Snacks

9. Too Much Flair

We get it, Mom. You want to show your support for your kid. Wearing a homemade jersey adorned with his/her number and a huge button of his/her face is just too much.

Baseball Mom Flair

10. Leaving Without Your Athlete

Unfortunately, we've seen this happen. No matter how badly your athlete plays, please, oh please, give him/her a ride home.

Driving Home

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