A Simple Basketball Drill for Attacking the Rim

This simple basketball drill helps you take advantage of the split second you have when you're open after receiving a pass.

As a basketball player, you might try to emulate some of the crazy highlights you see from top collegiate and pro players. But sometimes, sticking to the basics allows for more consistent performance on the court.

One move I work on repeatedly with my basketball players is the Catch and Sweep. Some coaches call it the rip move. It allows you to make an offensive move and put yourself in position to score by creating space after catching a pass. In fact, the move starts before the ball is even in your hands.

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Typically, you are most open on the court when you catch the ball, and this drill teaches you how to take advantage of that. Although an opponent is probably covering you, his or her focus is often on the ball handler. When you catch the ball, you have a split second to take advantage of the shift in focus and position. If you use it correctly, this move can be deadly.

The drill shown above is ideal for reinforcing this technique. Add it to your regular practice to master the Catch and Sweep, and score more points than ever before.

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Catch and Sweep Guidelines

  • You must prepare for the pass by staying in a low athletic position so you can explode in the direction you want.
  • Timing is critical. You want to catch your opponent as he or she is still getting into position.
  • Once you catch the ball, make a quick change of direction and sweep past the defender.
  • Finish with a layup, jumper or dunk.
  • As you progress, you can add dribble moves and crossovers to fake out the defender.

A Simple Basketball Drill for Attacking the Rim

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