Aaron Rodgers Reveals the No. 1 Trait Quarterbacks Need to Be Successful

The two-time NFL MVP knows that the quarterback is the de facto leader of any football team.

What's wrong with Aaron Rodgers?

On Nov. 21, 2016, much of the football world was pondering that question. The previous day, Rodgers' Green Bay Packers were walloped by the Washington Redskins. It was their fourth straight loss. Sitting at 4-6, the playoffs were slipping away quickly for the Packers. Despite his pedigree as one of the greatest quarterbacks in league history, Rodgers was barraged with blame.

What happened next? The Packers ripped off eight straight wins en route to the NFC Championship game. Rodgers finished the season with the most touchdown passes in the NFL (40) and just seven interceptions.

The secret behind this amazing turnaround? Even when the team was struggling, Rodgers remained confident. He never allowed himself to question his own abilities. Once things started clicking, Rodgers' confidence rubbed off on his teammates. Despite being ravaged by injuries, the Packers came within one win of playing in the Super Bowl last season.

It's a perfect example of why Rodgers believes confidence is the one trait a quarterback simply cannot succeed without. "It's confidence. I believe as a quarterback, that's the most important trait you can have. So you need to harness your own confidence, and then you've gotta share it with your teammates. That's what being a leader is all about. It's about believing in yourself and encouraging your teammates to believe in themselves as well," Rodgers recently told STACK.

One surefire way to build confidence is preparing the right way. If you train hard, eat right and master your game plan, you'll naturally feel more capable on the field. Every time Rodgers steps between the white lines, he's prepared for excellence. Does he always play excellent? No. No athlete is immune to bad games. But Rodgers' confidence never wavers, which ultimately allows him to get the most out of himself and his teammates.