This Exercise May Make You Puke (But It'll Build Muscle Fast)

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Shoulder Press Start

There are strength exercises. There are cardio exercises. And then there are good old-fashioned butt-whippin's. Trainer Scot Prohaska's barbell complex is all three, combining four strength and power moves that you perform back-to-back-to-back-to-back. (Also try this interval-training workout.)

You'll build full-body strength, explosive power and muscular endurance in less than a minute per set. Make no mistake: You will be sucking wind, dripping sweat, and your legs will feel like a JELL-O jiggler in a centrifuge. You might even puke. But if you're brave enough to try, this complex will make you stronger and fitter—in a hurry.

To perform the complex, do six reps of High Pulls From Floor, Power Cleans, Shoulder Presses and Bent-Over Rows with no rest between them. When you finish all four movements, don't put the bar down. Go back to the beginning of the circuit and perform five reps of each move. You'll do a total of 44 reps before you put the bar down. That's one set. Perform three sets, resting 60 to 90 seconds between them.

Use a light weight—the bar alone may be sufficient. Around 95 pounds is suitable for even well-trained athletes. Once you get the hang of doing the circuit without losing your lunch, add resistance. Try this complex at the beginning of a muscular endurance or hypertrophy workout—you'll notice results, fast.


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