2012's Best Gifts for Athletes

STACK hunts down the best gifts for athletes for the 2012 holiday season.

Best Gifts for Athletes
Are you an athlete? We know what you want for the holidays. You want the best gear for your sport and the same stuff the pros use. You want equipment that will help you get better on your way to making a name for yourself. And you definitely want a new pair of sneakers. Okay, maybe two.

Well, we've got you covered—especially if you really want a one-of-a-kind case for your iPhone or a customizable pair of headphones. We've put together a massive package, loaded with the absolute best gifts for athletes, conveniently divided into easy-to-read-categories.

Great news! We just found 50 great ways for you to spend your gift card money. Here are this year's best gifts for athletes.

1. LeBron X+

LeBron X

Pictured here is LeBron's road colorway for the '12-'13 season, dubbed "Pressure" because of the diamond pattern on the swoosh.
$200, nike.com

2. adidas D Rose 3


D Rose 3

adidas is all in with Derrick Rose, releasing multiple colorways of his newest signature sneaker while he rehabs from a torn ACL.
$160, adidas.com

3. Wall Season 3 ZigEscape

Wall Season 3 ZigEscape

Former STACK cover athlete John Wall is one of the most exciting point guards in the game. Pick up his newest Reebok sneaker to show your support.
$115, reebok.com 

4. Jordan Son of Mars

Jordan Son of Mars

From the Air Jordan Spizike (a mashup of various parts of other Jordans, influenced by director Spike Lee) comes the Son of Mars, shown in stealth grey and university blue.
$160, eastbay.com 

5. Puma Faas 350 S

Faas 350S

Head out for your sprints and speed work with this lightweight running shoe from Puma, a low-profile look perfect for the trail.
$85, puma 

6. Snapback Mitchell & Ness NBA Hats

Snapback Mitchell & Ness NBA Hats

Show pride in your favorite team with a retro hat from Mitchell and Ness.
$26-$32, mitchellandness.com 

7. Dockers Apha Khaki

Dockers Apha Khaki

Rock these slim-fit camo khakis to or from a game to change it up from the standard blue jean rotation.
$64 dockers.com 

8. Jordan Digital Air Shirt

Jordan Digital Shirt


Even in his most pixelated form, Michael Jordan gets huge air. Rep MJ with this different looking design to stand out from the pack.
$32, jumpman23.com

9. Nike 1960 Canvas Destroyer Jacket

Nike 1960 Canvas Destroyer Jacket

This old-school varsity jacket showcases an understated Raiders logo and is a great outer layer for the colder months.
$200, nike.com 

10. Jordan Golden Moments Pack

Jordan Golden Moments Pack

Michael Jordan came into his own in 1992, and 20 years later the brand that carries his name offers a collectible two-pack to celebrate the occasion.
$350, jumpman23.com 

11. Spalding TF-1000 Legacy Basketball

Spalding TF-1000 Legacy Basketball

Be ready for a game in an indoor gym or on the blacktop at the park with this all-terrain Spalding basketball.
$50, spalding.com

12. DeMarini Swing Shirt

DeMarini Swing Shirt

This DeMarini shirt is built with the baseball player in mind, so it fits more snugly in certain places but gives slack where you need it when you swing.
$70, demarini.com 

13. Easton Power Brigade XL1 Baseball Bat

Easton Power Brigade XL1 Baseball Bat

Get power for the long ball with Easton's XL Series of bats, designed with an extended barrel to put more pop in your chop.

$299, easton

14. Rawlings Velo Baseball Bat (BBVELO)

Rawlings Velo Baseball Bat (BBVELO)

Comp-Lite end cap and Bifusion technology will help you get your bat around quicker on the inside heat.
$300, rawlings.com 

15. DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR Baseball Bat

DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR Baseball Bat

Swing away and let the ping be music to your ears. This aluminum bat conforms to all current BBCOR standards, perfect for college players.
$300, demarini.com 

16. ECOXPOWER Outdoor Headlight/Phone Charger

ECOXPOWER Outdoor Headlight/Phone Charger

Boost your battery life and get a good warmup on the way with a pedal-powered headlight and smart phone charger.
$100, exogear.com 

17. Wilson Official Size NFL "Duke" Leather Game Ball

Wilson Official Size NFL

Get the official leather football used on the field during NFL games.
$100, nflshop.com 

18. GoPro Hero3: White Edition

GoPro Hero3: White Edition

Wear or mount this waterproof video cam on your helmet, bike handlebars, surfboard or elsewhere, then share your best action clips on Facebook.
$200, gopro.com 

19. SKLZ Weighted Baseballs

SKLZ Weighted Baseballs

Develop a big arm on the diamond with weighted baseballs from SKLV. They're constructed like real baseballs, but they add resistance to throws.
$18, sklz.com 

20. Mongoose Mode 180

Mongoose Mode 180

This durable freestyle bike in Steve McCann orange sets the BMX standard for anyone practicing for a debut at the X Games.
$109, walmart.com

21. Cutters X40 C-TRACK Revolution Football Receiver Gloves

Cutters X40 C-TRACK Revolution Football Receiver Gloves

Make highlight grabs look routine with these C-Track Revolution gloves.
$50, cuttersgloves.com 

22. Mizuno Pro Limited Edition GMP650 Baseball Glove

Mizuno Pro Limited Edition GMP650 Baseball Glove

Deguchi Kip Leather keeps this glove soft for the infield or the mound.
$500, mizuno.com 

23. EvoShield Protective Wrist Guard

EvoShield Protective Guard

The digital camo design is sweet, but the EvoShield protection you get on wild pitches is even sweeter.
$25, evoshield.com 

24. Cutters 197 Triple Playmaker Wristcoach

Cutters 197 Triple Playmaker Wristcoach

Store up to 600 plays on your wrist with three different windows, and call them out like the best quarterbacks in the NFL.
$17, cuttersgloves.com 

25. Nokona Buffalo Combo BC-1150M

Nokona Baseball Gloves

Nokona gloves are made from several leathers that come from the American Range Bison in South Dakota and Nokona's walnut HHH leather. So soft.
$310, nokona.com 

26. Oakley MLB Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses

Oakley MLB Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses

Shield your eyes from the sun like the pros, and pick up a pair in your favorite team's colors.
$170, oakley.com 

27. Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Have you ever smelled the inside of your gym bag? Dont. Throw one of these in the bottom of your duffel and get the stench under control.
$10, mosonatural.com 

28. Shock Doctor Nano 3D Mouthguard

Shock Doctor Nano 3D Mouthguard

This mouthguard has an ultra-slim design that makes it easier to speak and communicate with teammates while  protecting your mouth from your hard fouls.
$50, shockdoctor.com 

29. Under Armour ArmourShield Mouthguard

Under Armour Shield Mouthguard

Under Armour's ArmourShield mouthguard uses UA's patented Bite Flex technology to offer maximum protection to athletes in all types of contact sports.
$20, underarmour.com

30. Pony Port Beanie

Pony Port Beanie

The beanie's "pony port" in the back lets your ponytail get some fresh air while keeping the rest of your head warm.
$29, titlenine.com 

31. Franklin CFX PRO Series Batting Gloves

Franklin CFX PRO Series Batting Gloves

Strap them up and step into the box like the MLB's best.
$35, franklinsportsgear.com 

32. lululemon Wunder Under Crop


These yoga pants fit properly, so female athletes won't have to readjust while transitioning through a yoga session.
$72, lululemon.com 

33. Nike+ Kinect Training Game

Nike+ Kinect Training Game

Nike's trainers and the Xbox Kinect combine to give you a complete workout experience. It's loaded with routines to try and feedback to keep you motivated.
$50, xbox.com 

34. Harbinger 443 Red Line Wrist Wraps

Harbinger 443 Red Line Wrist Wraps

Wrap up for heavy presses to provide your wrists with additional support on your toughest sets.
$13, harbingerfitness.com 

35. Warrior Softshell Hooded Jacket

Harbinger 443 Red Line Wrist Wraps

Don't get caught out in the rain after practice without this Warrior jacket. You'll need it if you're running to catch the nearest bus.
$100, warrior.com 

36. Warrior Dojo Training Shoe

Warrior Dojo Training Shoe

You're totally covered in the lightweight Dojo from Warrior, whether you're about to lift, run or perform intense drills for your sport. Or do backflips.
$80, warrior.com 

37. New Balance Minimus 20v3

New Balance Minimus 20v3

The 20v3 moves along with the body naturally, while also providing the kind of protection you get from a normal shoe.
$100, newbalance.com 

38. Men's UA 9" Microshorts II

Men's UA 9

Mesh shorts with pockets are a must in the weight room so you can keep your music with you while you're training.
$28 underarmour.com 

39. Vibram SeeYa LS

Vibram SeeYa LS

This super-thin barefoot shoe is built to give the smaller muscles in your feet a chance to develop. Great for building total-body power from the ground up.
$100, vibramfivefingers.com 

40. Asics GT-2170

Asics GT-2170

This running shoe is designed for runners. The GT series includes bells and whistles like the Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems.
$110, asicsamerica.com 

41. Puma Toori Run C

Puma Toori Run C

If you're the kind of athlete who likes all eyes on you, try the Toori Run C from Puma, which gets some design inspiration from Tokyo and comic books.
$90, puma.com 

42. iHome iP4 Portable FM Stereo Boombox

iHome iP4 Portable FM Stereo Boombox

This may look like an old-school boombox, but it plays tunes from an iPhone or iPod, so the playlists are endless.
$200, ihomeaudio.com 

43. Skullcandy Customized Aviator Edit Headphones

Skullcandy Customized Aviator Edit Headphones

Put together your own unique Skullcandy design with a different color cord, caps, frames and headbands.
$180 skullcandy.com 

44. CordCruncher Tangle-Free Headphones

CordCruncher Tangle-Free Headphones

Toss these headphones in your backpack, and you'll never have to worry about untangling another knot.
$25, cordcruncher.com 

45. Sony PS3 Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset

Sony PS3 Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset

Taking your online gaming to the next level never sounded so good. You'll feel pulses in these headphones to help you see the enemy before they see you.
$150, playstation.com 

46. X-Doria Dash iPhone 5 Case

X-Doria Dash iPhone 5 Case
Protect your new iPhone with a little style, including a perforated fabric on the exterior and a polycarbonate window in the middle of the Dash case.
$35, x-doria.com 

47. Wii U Deluxe Set

Wii U Deluxe Set

Nintendo leads the charge into next-gen gaming with their first HD console, the Wii U. Pop for the deluxe set and get more memory, a black Wii U GamePad and more.
$350, nintendo.com 

48. Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

One of the most surprisingly successful new franchises in gaming is the best co-op experience going. Explore the open world with your choice of characters and let yourself get sucked in.
$60, store.2k.com 

49. Halo 4

Halo 4

If your teammates aren't playing Call of Duty, they'll definitely be online with the newest Halo. It's the first game in a new trilogy for the franchise.
$60, microsoftstore.com 

50. Assassin's Creed III

Assassin's Creed III

You'll control a new assassin who fights through an open world in the American Colonies, circa 1775.
$60, toysrus.com 

51. Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

The newest Call of Duty game, this time set in the near future, is bound to be the one your entire team plays online.
$60, amazon.com 

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