Disney and Marvel to Team Up for Animated Film 'Big Hero 6'

"Big Hero 6" marks the first time Marvel and Disney will team up to create an animated superhero film. Learn more about the movie on STACK Gamer.

Big Hero 6

Disney and Marvel have announced plans to collaborate on their first animated movie. The film, Big Hero 6, is an adaptation of a little-known comic book series of the same name.

Director Don Hall explained his decision to choose a series that few fans are familiar with during an interview with theĀ LA Times. "I was looking for something on the obscure side, something that would mesh well with what we do. The idea of a kid and a robot story with a strong brother element, it's very Disney," said Hall.

The series, which was created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau in 1998, is about a group of superhuman agents assembled by the Japanese government. The group's story will be told through the perspective of its youngest agent: 13-year-old robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada. Although the original comics took place in Japan, Disney has opted to create San Fransokyo, a mash-up of San Francisco and Tokyo, for the setting.

In defense of the decision to change locations, Hall said, "We were looking for something to do where we could make our own world."

In the upcoming action flick, young Hiro stumbles onto a nefarious plot to destroy the city. With help from his robot, Baymax, and a newly assembled team of reluctant crime-fighters, he sets off to foil the criminals' plan.

Big Hero 6 is slated to premiere on Nov. 7, 2014. It will be available in both 2D and 3D.

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