Buffalo Bills GM Doug Whaley Says Football Is Not a Game 'Humans Are Supposed to Play'

Buffalo's Sammy Watkins has battled injuries, but he's only missed three games in two seasons.

Sammy Watkins

Football is one of the most reckless, violent and aggressive sports in the world. It's arguably one of the most dangerous activities a person can participate in.

Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley recognizes the violent nature of the game, and he believes it should not be played by humans.

"This is the game of football," Whaley told WGR 550 radio on Tuesday. "Injuries are part of it. It's a violent game that I personally don't think humans are supposed to play."

Whaley said this in response to insinuations that Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins is injury-prone. Watkins has suffered a multitude of injuries, struggling with foot, calf and hip problems last season alone. Recently, he underwent surgery on a broken foot. The Bills expect him to be available for Week 1 of the upcoming season, but Watkins will miss training camp and the pre-season.

Nevertheless, Whaley doesn't consider his team's star receiver to be injury-prone. "I wouldn't say [he's injury-prone]," Whaley said.  "If you look at his game log, he's only missed three games."

Having missed only three games in two full seasons, the young receiver hasn't lost significant time on the field.

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