Cubs Pitcher Jake Arrieta Downs a Massive Amount of Ice Cream for His Cheat Meal

One the healthiest pitchers in baseball still gets down on some ice cream occasionally.

Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta is a lot of things. He's a Cy Young winner. He's thrown two no-hitters. He owns the record for the lowest second-half ERA in the history of baseball, having posted a mind-boggling 0.75 after the All-Star break last season. He's also a kind of a health freak.

Arrieta's passion for exercising, specifically his frequent use of Pilates to increase his flexibility, has become part of his identity. He likes to perform cardio for an hour before he begins his workout, so he can push his body even with heavy legs, as if he were pitching late into a game. He is a frequent user of TRX. And he does Pilates every single day to strengthen his core and increase his flexibility—to the point where he can now do the splits.

Arrieta also adheres to a fairly strict diet (kale is a big part of it), but that doesn't mean he eliminated everything delicious from touching his taste buds. A man's gotta have something sweet occasionally.

"I don't deny myself an opportunity to indulge," Arrieta told STACK during World Series media day on Monday. "I like Jeni's ice cream. I'll throw a pint of that down once every couple weeks, just to balance it out."

Arrieta also told us he's been into health and wellness since he was 12 years old, so he was way ahead of the game to begin with. But it's nice to know that even the most health conscious professional athletes can get down on some ice cream every once in a while like the rest of us simpletons.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock